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1. What does this Bible history DVD study cover? (Session Overview)

How We Got the Bible DVD Study – Session Overview

Session 1: What’s So Special about the Bible?

Why is the Bible so special? Why does it matter how we got the Bible? In this session, you’ll learn three key ways the Bible is like no other book in human history. Find out the meaning and significance of the Bible being inspired, breathed by God, infallible, inerrant, and all-sufficient! See how the Holy Spirit works through the Bible to transform us into the image that God designed for us. Covers key terms and concepts, including: who wrote the Bible, how many books are in the Bible, and more!

Session 2: How We Got the Old Testament

Do we need the Old Testament? Who wrote the Old Testament? Who organized the books of the Bible? In this session, you’re going to find out why we really need the Old Testament in the first place. You’re going to learn about the languages that the Old Testament was written and translated in. You’ll discover more about the Dead Sea Scrolls and find out why some Old Testaments manuscripts include some books that others don’t. Covers key terms, such as the Torah, Apocrypha, canon, codex, Dead Sea Scrolls, Jerome, Masoretes, Septuagint, and more!

Session 3: How We Got the New Testament

Has anybody ever told you that the Bible’s just a myth? That none of this really happened? It was all fabricated and embellished over centuries? Well, how do you know it wasn’t? What do you say to somebody who questions the reliability of the Bible? In session 3, you’ll find out why you can trust the New Testament. Find out the credibility of eyewitness accounts and see how time, culture, and motivation contributed to the preservation of the Bible. Includes fascinating facts on oral culture and oral histories.

Session 4: How the Books of the New Testament Were Chosen

Have you ever had somebody tell you that the books of the New Testament were chosen by the Emperor Constantine? Or a powerful bishop hundreds of years later? Have you ever wondered who created the canon of the New Testament? Should we be concerned about “lost gospels?”

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the fourth session of How We Got the Bible! Discover why certain writings were canonized and others were not. See why the Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Thomas and other “gospels,” didn’t make the cut and build your confidence in the Bible we have today. Realize the important of “eye-witness” accounts and dive into the stories of key leaders, including Athanasius, Irenaeus, and more!

Session 5: How the New Testament Was Copied

In this session, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones confronts common challenges to the Bible’s reliability. Using simple explanations, stories, and Bible proofs, he explains how the New Testament was translated—and why it can be trusted. He addresses common critics’ concerns that the Bible was translated with “reckless abandon” and explains why Bible translation is NOT like a kid’s game of telephone. Hear the incredible backstory of Johannes Gutenberg and how his printing press impacted the distribution of the Bible and find out unforgettable facts, such as:

  • The text of the Bible is better preserved than the writing of Plato or Aristotle.
  • There is more than 99% agreement between all of the known manuscripts of the Bible (and more!)

Session 6: How We Got the Bible in English

You’ve heard of names like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale and you’ve certainly heard of the King James Version of the Bible. But in this session you’re going to learn the story behind each of those names. You’re going to learn about a man who sentenced to death and burned after he was already dead (Wycliffe). You’re going to learn about a man whose dying prayer was “Lord open the King of England’s eyes” (Tyndale) and you’ll learn about how the King James Version of the Bible resulted from a failed meeting between the King and some of his subjects.

2. How long is each video session? What’s included in each session?

This Bible history study is flexible and easy-to-use. It is designed for six 60-minute sessions and the complete kit includes supplemental resources for six 90-minute sessions. Easily customize your class (and its length) to your group’s preferences.

  • Open the Session (10-15 minutes). Leader guide includes opening questions and activities to get participants ready to dive into each topic.
  • Watch the Teaching Video by Timothy Paul Jones (25-35 minutes). You don’t have to be an expert; the video does all the teaching!
  • Get Them Talking (10 minutes)—Includes discussion and reflection questions that will help participants reflect on the key points of the lesson.
  • Seeking the Truth (30 minutes – Optional)—Features Bible study questions and extra teaching material that will help your group dig even deeper. **
  • Wrap It Up (5 minutes)—Includes prayers and life applications that will help participants actively and relevantly apply the information they learned.

** The teaching can be expanded to six 90-minute sessions by using the How We Got the Bible handbook, PowerPoint® and other materials included in the Complete Kit.

Participant guides for class members contain group discussion questions, Bible study questions, session outlines for following along with the video and taking notes, and additional material for further learning. For more information, go to the FAQ section entitled: What’s included in the leader and participant guides?

3. What’s included in the How We Got the Bible Leader Guide?

The Leader Guide is designed to make it easy for small group leaders to guide meaningful discussions. It is a step-by-step guide for preparing for a group and is accompanied by a checklist of items needed for each session. It also includes clearly defined timelines, reflection questions, and suggested prayers for ending a session.

5 Key Features of the Leader Guide (Not Included in the Participant Guide)

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions on how to lead the group
  2. “Session Starters” showing how to prepare for and introduce each session. It also includes a “wrap it up” section which includes a closing prayer and life applications.
  3. Discussion questions to generate meaningful discussions
  4. Frequently asked questions that participants may ask (along with easy-to-understand answers)
  5. Additional resources, including quizzes, outlines, glossary, diagrams, timelines, study notes, recommended resources, and more! These are cross-referenced with other items included in the How We Got the Bible Complete Kit, such as the PowerPoint and handbook.
4. What’s included in the How We Got the Bible Participant Guide?

Participant guides for class members contain group discussion questions, Bible study questions, session outlines, glossary of key terms, illustrations, and more! Participants can follow along with the video and take notes. Each guide also includes additional material for further learning.

5 Reasons Why Each Member Should Have a Participant Guide:

  1. Easy-to-Follow Outline (Perfect for note-taking). The How We Got the Bible participant guide includes an outline, so participants can follow along while the video is playing and take notes. This increases retention and helps them see the main points of the lesson at a glance.
  2. Group Discussion Questions and Journaling Space. Each participant guide includes discussion question as well as journaling space. This helps participants write down “nuggets” of insight they learn while discussing each question.
  3. Digging Deeper Bible Study. Each participant guide includes study notes and study questions that members can use to deepen their understanding of the teaching.
  4. Glossary of Key Terms. Each participant guide includes an easy-to-understand glossary of key terms for each session. Participants can reference this to jog their memory or review key concepts.
  5. Day-by-Day Application Section. Includes a day-by-day review and prepare section. Each day participants can read and reflect on key points, Bible verses, and fascinating facts between each section. These applications are quick and easy. They are designed to have participants further engage with the topic.
5. What’s the difference between the complete kit and leader pack?

There are two curriculum kit options for you to choose from based on your purpose, budget, and group size.

The How We Got the Bible Complete Kit Includes Everything You Need!

Ready to go at a moment’s notice, the How We Got the Bible Complete Kit gives you everything you need to lead a class on Bible reliability. It features extra resources to help you (and those you teach) dig deeper. This is ideal for small groups, Adults Sunday School, church-wide programs, Bible history courses, youth groups, etc.

  • DVD of all six 25-35-minute sessions
  • Leader Guide (printed and digital copy)—Includes flexible lesson plans and outlines, fun icebreakers, Questions Participants May Ask, and additional prayer and application activities
  • Participant Guide (printed) with discussion and application questions, key terms and definitions, session outlines for following along and note-taking, and additional material for further learning
  • Fold-out time line of the history of the Bible
  • 168-page Reference Handbook of How We Got the Bible
  • Ready-to-use teaching PowerPoint® with over 100 slides of facts and apologetics proofs
  • CD-ROM with PDFs printable promo materials (posters, banners, door hangers) PLUS digital banners (jpg), and PowerPoint® save-the-date slide (jpg)

How We Got the Bible Leader Pack (DVD Only)

This budget-friendly curriculum option includes just the teaching DVD and PDF download of the leader guide. Perfect for individual use. It can also be used for small groups, but additional participant guides will need to be purchased.

It includes:

  • A DVD of the twelve 30-minute teaching sessions
  • PDF download of the leader guide (which may be printed out)
  • A CD-ROM that contains PDFs of fliers, brochures, bulletin inserts, doorhangers, posters, and banners for promoting the study.
6. Who will enjoy this Bible History study? Can I use it in my youth group?

This engaging Bible history DVD study isn’t about dry names and dates. It’s full of dramatic stories told with a touch of humor, making it perfect for teenagers and adults. It’s a ready-to-use curriculum for small groups, Bible studies, Adult Sunday School, and/or personal use. Ages: high school, college, adult.

A lot of Christian schools are already using How We Got the Bible as part of their history curriculum, and many youth groups have it in their schedule as an apologetics study for the upcoming year.

“This six-DVD study is simple enough yet detailed enough to inform you on this topic… Good from teenage onward.”
— Beverley Webster, Rose Customer Review

7. What denominational perspective does this study take?

This study is not from any particular denominational perspective. It is taught from an evangelical perspective in keeping with historic orthodox confessions of the faith, and it has a strong reliance on the total truthfulness and authority of the Bible.

8. Can I watch it? Are there free samples of How We Got the Bible?

Yes! Click here to watch the entire Session 3 of the How We Got the Bible DVD or to download samples of the leader and participant guides!