Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Teacher and Host Timothy Paul JonesAward-winning author Dr. Timothy Paul Jones has an incredible gift of making Bible history easy-to-understand! He has his bachelors and masters degrees in biblical literature and pastoral ministry, as well as a doctorate in educational leadership. Timothy Paul Jones serves as Associate Vice President at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also led churches in Missouri and Oklahoma as pastor and associate pastor.

The son of a rural pastor, Timothy communicates in an entertaining style that has made him popular with people of all ages. His love for the great heroes of the faith — as well as for youth and adult ministry — come through in engaging study on Bible history. His sense of humor will make the stories unforgettable. He makes the topic of Bible history fascinating for all ages.

“My passion has always been to make Christian history and Bible apologetics accessible to everyone, not just people with degrees in the Bible or theology.” — Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Dr. Jones has authored more than a dozen books on Bible apologetics and Christian history, including his Christian History Made Easy book, winner of the Christian Retailing magazine Book of the Year in the field of Christian education. In 2010 he also won the ECPA Christian Book of the Year award in the Christian Education category for Christian History Made Easy.

He and his wife, Rayann, have three young daughters who have inspired him to make church history fun and interesting.

Kind Words for Timothy Paul Jones

“Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is a brilliant young biblical scholar who helps simplify the complex. His [resources] are great and sorely needed during our time when many are biblically illiterate and know even less about Church history.” -Dr. Jerry Newcombe, author, TV host, and spokesperson for Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy (formerly The Coral Ridge Hour)

“Timothy Paul Jones has managed to present our Christian history in a way that is fresh, easy to study and understand, and helpful as a told for teaching.” -Nancy Swihart, General Studies Chairman, Manhattan Christian College

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Exclusive Interview with Timothy Paul Jones

Q: When you started creating the How We Got the Bible series, who did you have in mind? Who is this series for?

A: My passion has always been to make Christian history and Bible apologetics accessible to everyone, not just people with degrees in Bible or theology. This book and video series are for anyone who wonders how we got the Bible and whether the Bible is reliable, from teenagers to senior citizens and anyone in between.

A lot of Christian schools are already using How We Got the Bible as part of their history curriculum, and I know a few youth groups have it in their schedule as an apologetics study for the upcoming year.

Q: Has Bible history always been a topic of interest to you? 

A:The history of the Bible and its reliability is particularly interesting for me because of struggles I faced in my spiritual life when I was in college. I grew up in a church where the King James Version was seen as the sole reliable rendering of the Scriptures. According to what I was told, the Word of God had been perfectly preserved with no variants in a mystical manuscript known as “Textus Receptus.” The translators of the King James Version supposedly worked from this perfect text when they translated the Bible.

When I started thinking about the origins of the Bible in college, I decided to learn more about the Textus Receptus. Once I began trying to find out about this manuscript, many of my assumptions about Scripture started to crumble.

What I wanted to develop in How We Got the Bible Made Easy is the type of resource that I needed back then when I was struggling to figure out the origins of Scripture.

Q: What do you hope viewers will walk away knowing and feeling from this Bible History DVD series?

A:Our trust in the absolute truthfulness of Scripture is not a recent innovation; it’s woven deeply throughout every fiber of the faith that has been passed down to us through the ages.

I also pray that those who read this book begin to breathe a prayer of thanksgiving each time they open their Bibles. I want them to recall the thousands of men and women who risked their lives to copy these words and to bring them into the English language, and I want this sense of gratitude to drive people to love the Scriptures more.